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Crimson Mist Military Antiques - BOOKS MISC - Australia's Boer war x Craig Wilcox (A1219)
Crimson Mist Military Antiques

[ A1219 ] Australia's Boer war x Craig Wilcox

Crimson Mist Military Antiques


A1219 Australia's Boer war x Craig Wilcox .A very scarce book of 541 pages , very good crisp clean condition.
Commissioned by the Australian War Memorial.
The author has drawn on primary sources from Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom that focuses on the individuals in the Boer War (eg Breaker Morant, Alexander Krygger and Arthur Lynch) as well as Australia's experience.
Also covers everyday experiences of soldiers, disease, the experience of women and Australians in non-Australian units. As appendices, includes brief biographical details of Australian in South Africa; and brief details of the Australian contingents in South Africa, including specific bibliographical details.
Includes extensive bibliography
Price $200 (at time of listing there was another on ebay for $400

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