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[ A989 ] Conquerors Road by Osmar White

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A989 Conquerors Road by Osmar White-$25
this highly acclaimed and beautifully written book by one of Australia's finest chroniclers of the Second World War tells the devastating story of war from the inside. Based largely on the author's own war diary and the articles he wrote as a war correspondent, this deeply personal account is unparalleled amongst the vast literature on World War Two. Osmar White was there to record and assess the climactic events of that time: the final days of the Third Reich and the uneasy occupation. And he was able to offer those who read his despatches something further, with insight and compassion he attempted to weigh the moral issues thrown up by victory and by what came after, while trying also to draw lessons for a future humanity. Chosen as one of the top 100 pieces of journalism in the twentieth century, Conquerors' Road remains as fresh and more timely than ever.

Osmar White is regarded as one of Australia's finest war correspondents. His account of the New Guinea campaign in 1942 and 1943, Green Armour, is a classic. In late 1944, Sir Keith Murdoch sent White to Europe for the Herald & Weekly Times group. He was attached to the US Third Army, under General George Patton, and it was this assignment that gave birth to Conqueror's Road.

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