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[ ANT817 ] Antique Coin talisman

Crimson Mist Military Antiques

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Antique Coin talisman, I will be the 1st to admit I know bloody nothing about these, they came from a very old collection of wealthy Australian who passed away in 2012. In 1983 he discovered an exceptionally rare eight metre, opalised plesiosaur skeleton which is on permanent display in the South Australian Museum. he purchased his Asian art works directly from China in the 1970's etc. Many significant pieces of Asian art from the collection are now in the Golden Dragon Museum in Bendigo, Victoria.
So I have no idea if these are something good or just junk. there is quite a few coins, bound together on each side of a rusty iron rod with a hook at the end of it, I cant really put a price on them until I fond out something about them, as per the above, possibly junk or maybe something a bit good ?? Please make me an offer i cant refuse or please let me know what they are & what they represent.

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